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Tetrathlon (Tet) is a sport that requires you to showcase your ability in four very different areas; running, riding, shooting and swimming.

This means you have to be physically fit as well as having the riding experience needed for the jumping phase. Regional and National competitions take place through The Pony Club, and in more recent years The Pony Club have offered a grassroots competition at the Tet championships in August – perfect for anybody starting out in the sport.

As well as individual competitions, there are also team competitions available where three or four competitors combine their scores. Competitions take place over one day or two days; competitors have to complete a 3 minute swim, a shooting round, a long distance run and a course of jumps– so you definitely need stamina!

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever head to an official Tet competition, there’s a lot of fun to be had from organising and taking part in your own Tet competition with your Young Equestrians Club. However if you haven’t been running since sports day in primary school (guilty), and the last swim you did was technically paddling in the sea (also guilty), then it may be best to plan some practise sessions first to get back into the swing of things!

We’ve put together an easy guide to setting up your own Tet competition:

Try Tetrathlon

If your Young Equestrians Club puts on a Tet competition we’d love to hear all about it! Please email any photos and updates over and tag us in your news on social media

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