Team building trips

Looking for some interesting trips for your Young Equestrians to develop their team working skills and have fun. Why not see if they are interested in the following:

Laser Tag

Across the country there are a number of venues which you can visit and take part in Laser tag. The Young Equestrians can be divided in to two teams and compete to score points against each other. Alternatively, they may well wish to compete against other visitors and work together to achieve the same goal. You can find your nearest centre:

Go Ape

Fancy a day trip where you can swing through the trees and undertake challenges? Then Go Ape is for your and your Young Equestrians! Find out more details here:

Rock Climbing

Interested in developing new skills and taking part in physical activity, look into local rock-climbing venues. This will provide the club members a great chance to socialise and take on a physical display of what they can achieve together!


Local Kayaking and canoeing businesses are a great way to provide club members with a social activity which will physically test they but use very similar muscles to the ones they use looking after and caring for horses. The major muscle group engaged is the core but the club members will still have great fun learning to move the canoe or Kayak around the water much like in the arena/ field.