All The Action from Apollo Stables

Ever since their launch in June the YE group at Apollo Stables have been pretty busy! We’re reporting back on all the action from this summer so far.

When the YEs were asked what they wanted to do for their first session, their answer was, of course, jumping! The group therefore kicked off with a gridwork session in the school and practising jumping some courses out in the field the following week.


Gridwork – testing both the horse and rider!

Riding July 1

Head girl, Theresa, joined the YEs for jumping out in the field

Next the group held a social get together where they had a buffet and had a visit from a master saddle fitter to learn more about fitting saddles.

Group shot western

Tiny got to try on a western saddle

As July is often a time when poisonous plants crop up, the YEs got together to host a ragwort pulling party on a sunny Wednesday morning. It wasn’t all hard work though, because the party ended with refreshments and ice creams.

Ragwort pulling

YEs pulling up the ragwort to keep the fields safe for the horses




Ice creams

It wasn’t all work!

Their August session will be held on the 12th which will be a riding session followed by a YE camp out and even Group Leader Emma has agreed to camp out!