Get involved with the Rio Olympics

It’s finally here! Tonight is the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and we can’t wait to see our Team GB Equestrian Teams compete over the next two weeks. It’s a really exciting time for equestrian sport and we’d love for you to support our athletes through watching the action and getting involved on social media.

Team GBR

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What’s on and When?

For times and results visit the BBC website – click HERE for the equestrian schedule


6th August – Individual & Team Dressage Day 1

7th August – Individual & Team Dressage Day 2

8th August – Individual & Team Cross Country

9th August – Individual & Team Show Jumping


10th August – Team Dressage: Grand Prix Day 1

11th August – Team Dressage: Grand Prix Day 2

12th August – Team Dressage: Grand Prix Special

15th August – Individual Dressage: Grand Prix Freestyle

Show Jumping

14th August – Individual qualification

16th August – Team qualification

17th August – Team finals

19th August – Individual final round A & B


#TwoHearts Celebrates the remarkable bond between horse and rider which makes our sport unique!


Show your support

The international Olympic Committee will be monitoring any online posts about equestrianism throughout August and they will use this information to determine the future of equestrianism as an Olympic sport! If you’re posting on social media about the Olympics it is important to use the relevant hashtags to spread the word about great our sport is: