Catching up with the Young Equestrians at Croft

Hi readers! it’s the YEs from Croft here, as we have been meeting up for over a year now, we decided to write about a typical YE session for us:

Over the past few months we’ve been using our Young Equestrians sessions as an opportunity to learn about different aspects of horse care in order to gain Pony Club Achievements! We’ve been focusing on poisonous plants, lunging and all the equipment involved plus we’ve even had a go at clipping.


Practise Makes Perfect!

Badge Party

YE Party to celebrate









Shiny new poles for us to use!


However as the weather was so nice this week, we decided that all we wanted to do was jump!


As every week we worked together to get all our horses ready and tacked up. We then took all our horses to the outdoor arena – that’s when we realised that they were all coloured! And we all matched too! Check it out:


Group shot - matchy matchy

Matchy Matchy

After warming the horses up we discussed styles of jumps and how to approach them correctly. We worked over a simple cross pole, building it slowly to an upright and approaching in canter. Not only did we build our confidence, we learnt if we did ever have our own horse (which we’d all love!) we know the correct way and safest procedure to jump.

Some horses were a little clumsy and knocked jumps down, but others jumped really well. Everyone had a great laugh and we learnt a lot.

By the time we’d finished the horses needed sponging as they were all a little sweaty. We then turned our horses out, watched them have a good roll in the dust, came back to the yard and assisted with yard duties, ate Pringles (of course) whilst writing this, then home time!

Speak soon!

Croft Young Equestrians