Press Release

Bank House Equestrian launches a new club for teenagers!

Calling all Young People aged 13-18; a new Young Equestrians group has opened in your area!

The latest riding centre to join the Nationwide project launched by The Pony Club in partnership with Hoof is Bank House Equestrian.

The new group based in Cumbria is open to all young people over 13, you don’t have to be a Pony Club Member or even be able to ride to join.

Young Equestrians groups provide participants with the choice and freedom to try different disciplines and sporting activities as well as the opportunity to develop their equestrian skills and have time to socialise with friends.

Laura Ridley, the leader of the group, was pleased with the opening session “We had so much fun at the launch! The Young Equestrians came up with loads of ideas, had snacks and then had fun with an ice breaker and trust games.”

“We found the launch night really exciting, the energy from the girls was fantastic. We love how Young Equestrians gives them the opportunity to learn but in a very social way.”

The group has since enjoyed a horror night walk, a session on learning to plait horses and have organised a group photo shoot of them and their favourite horses. The Bank House group runs fortnightly on Friday nights 6-8pm.

There are currently over 90 Young Equestrian clubs in the UK, with new ones opening every month. The clubs can be set up by riding schools accredited to a British Equestrian Federation Member Body, such as The Pony Club, or within Pony Club Branches. Thanks to Sport England Funding, those that sign up will be given support for their club through marketing materials, session ideas and audience insight.